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Author Publications

Elephant Valley:

Love Tested

A realistic fiction novel seamlessly blends a love story with tragedy, shedding light on the global HIV/AIDS crisis. The authentic information is presented in a brilliant "edutainment" style, making it engaging and impactful.

The Prisoner's Pen:

Pain, Passion & Purpose

The Prisoner’s Pen is a collection of poems from current and formerly incarcerated individuals. It possesses various forms of poetic expression that give voice to the many facets of mass incarceration.

Mother Gwen in the Lion's Den

 It is a special work that was inspired by God to speak to the heart of prisoners and encourage them through the Word of God on topics such has forgiveness, love, family and healing.

An insightful exploration of American prisons, past and present, offering hope to the forgotten and forsaken while serving as a call to action for believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Free Willie

A Story of Resilience and Hope

Willie, currently incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, exemplifies unwavering determination and purpose, transcending the confines of his surroundings. As a published author, mentor, educator, and dedicated family man, his story embodies resilience and hope.




Non-profit Leadership





Worth the Weight: Lessons on Loving through Difficult Situations (from a Prison Wife)

By Candace Fleming

Coming Soon


Consultant Projects


Willie's Freedom

Quick Actions You Can Take
  1. Donate to Free Willie: Contribute to the cause financially by making a donation to support Willie's legal efforts and campaign for his release.

  2. Write a Support Letter: If you know Willie or believe in his innocence, take a moment to draft a support letter. Contact his attorney to ensure your message is heard and considered.

  3. Reach Out to Elected Officials: Write to your elected officials, urging them to endorse Willie's release. Request that they also pen a support letter advocating for his freedom.

  4. Sign the Release Willie Petition: Join others in supporting Willie by signing the petition calling for his release. Your signature adds weight to the movement seeking justice on his behalf.

Clemency Endorsements

Eric Fagan

Fort Bend County Sheriff

Mark Holden

Former senior vice president and General Counsel of Koch Industries, Inc.

Alice Marie Johnson

Founder and CEO of Taking Action for Good and President Trump clemency commutation recipient

Representative Carl Sherman

Texas District 109

Bishop James Dixon, II

Community of Faith pastor, chairman of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation at NRG Park, and NAACP Houston President

Antong Lucky

President and CEO of Urban Specialists, author

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