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2.7 million youth have a parent incarcerated. While there is no hard evidence that these youth will become justice-involved, statistics point to the fact that they are three times more likely than those children who don’t have incarcerated parents.

At Families of Conviction, we are determined to ensure that the seeds of incarcerated parents that we encounter not only don’t become justice-involved, but that they SuperSeed the odds against them.

What is a SuperSeed?


SuperSeed programs are designed to guide the narrative of children of incarcerated parents by identifying and cultivating the seeds of greatness that we know exist inside of every child.

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Upcoming SuperSeed Sessions

Produce an original beat, write/compose lyrics and learn about the production technology needed to produce original music.​​

Beats & Bars

Design and customize sneakers using various techniques, how to monetize and market merchandise.

Custom  Kicks

Teaching youth the fundamentals of how to D.J. including equipment, mixing and monetizing.​

DJ Dynamics

Learn the fundamentals of canvas designing and self-expression through art.

  • August 24th 10:00-2:00 p.m. (Dallas)

Painted With Purpose

Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring  

SuperSeed Sessions

SuperSeed Sessions are specially crafted to empower SuperSeeds with new skills they can nurture, enabling them to harness their unique talents and generate income. Our SuperSeed programs aim to transform the life stories of children with incarcerated parents by recognizing and nurturing the inherent potential within each child.

Future SuperSeed


Future SuperSeed is the signature mentoring pillar for Families of Conviction, which is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting families that are separated by incarceration. Future SuperSeed provides mentoring and a village of support to urban youth who have experienced being the child of an incarcerated parent or living in a single-parent home. Through program gatherings, mentor moments and real life experiences, they equip the youth with  tools and resources needed to succeed. 

We believe that by exposing these youth to various experiences, we can help them to develop into well-rounded individuals who are capable of achieving their goals. The small-group mentoring moments will happen on one Saturday every month and will include many exciting engagements and experiences

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